Milli PVC

Milli PVC is a private Limited Company has commenced manufacturing of unplasticized Polyvinyle Chloride (uPVC) pressure and Non Pressure pipe system for cold potable water and other industrial uses conforming to BSS 3505/BSS 3506 , ASTM D1785. and other International Standards. The company was established in 1979 as the first major plastic producer in Afghanistan and commenced production in the same year. Now Mill is introducing their new products of Fittings. Milli has complete range of fittings. Milli has import their molds & injection molding machines from Taiwan, Germany & Austria.

Milli Manufacturers LTD,

was established in 1979 as the first major plastic producer in Afghanistan . Today, they lead the market in the county as the leading manufacturer of a wide range of plastic products and un plasticized polyvinyl chloride (UPVC) pressure and non pressure pipe systems for cold potable water and other industrial applications conforming to BSS 3505/ BSS 3506, ASTM D1785 and other international standards including injection moulded fittings, extruded profile, and thermoformed products. Wide-ranging research and development into the latest production techniques, implemented by Milli Manufacturers is a part of the reason why Milli Manufacturer is a market leader both Afghanistan and regionally.

MILLI UPVC Pipes for
Water supply lines to provide safe drinking water
Waste and ventilation
Drainage and sewer systems
Stained and casing for tube well boring
MILLI UPVC Pipes are resistant to corrosion, therefore used in a lower fraction
rate in the most suitable crude oil line
MILLI UPVC Pipes can be used for
Transportation of acid, chemical and chlorine and other liquids & chemicals
Transportation of aluminum and pulp in the sugar industries.
MILLI PIPE can be used for
City water supply
Sea water agriculture
Water treatment piping for water treatment plant.
MILLI CPVC Pipes for hot water
MILLI UPVC and CPVC Fittings for all the above items.