Quality Assurance

This is our long-term commitment to the customers. From the receipt of the bulk resins to the final stages of production, MILLI maintains stringent.

Quality Control program by qualified technical personnel using sophisticate procedures, with latest equipment. Both On-line Q.C. checks and in-laborat test are conducted.

MILLI subjects its full line of pipes and fittings to hydrostatic pressure test as per the design data, to check the suitability of the product to the application

MILLI laboratory is well facilitated to conform that the products manufactured are to standard specifications.

Laboratory Testing

to ensure Quality of pipes following test are regularly conducted in our laboratory as per standard.

MILLI high performance extruders with advanced process control an monitoring system permit increased rate of production over the entire diameter ranges, adhering to highest quality.

MILLI high technology molding machines with advanced automated tooling, permit high volume production of Fittings with exceptionally high consistency in terms of dimensional accuracy, mechanical strength and surface finish.

AT MILLI sophisticated quality control procedures and advanced manufacturing techniques work hand-in-hand to assure highest quality and dimensional consistency in thermoplastic piping products.

Advantages of PVC Pipes

1. Flexibility
PVC pipes are regarded as being flexible when properly installed in a trench using suitable bedding and backfill . They seldom fracture when subjected to unforeseen excess loading, merely taking on a small deformation which is of temporary nature.
2. Light Weight
PVC pipes are lighter in weight than traditional cast iron pipes. this gives savings in manpower handling and installation cost.
3. Strenght
PVC pipes, having a higher impact strength than its iron or clay counterpart, cuts breakages due to mishandling, etc...
4. Non-toxic
will not impair the taste or smell of water
5. Corrosion Resistance
PVC pipes do not undergo physical deterioration due to corrosive susoil. they can also handle a wide range of industrial effluents.
6. Installation
Requiring no special tools or skilled personnel, PVC pipes are easier to install than the traditional ones.